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Crank It Up! est ma soumission pour le This Is Breathless Jam de 2022 par Fari RPGs

Crank It Up! est un jeu de rôles sur table inspiré du film de 2006 Crinqué mettant en vedette Jason Statham. Vous êtes empoisonné et vous devez maintenir votre niveau d'adrénaline le plus élevé possible afin d'éviter au poison de progresser dans votre organisme et ultimement, vous tuer.


  • Document en couleur, 9 pages
  • Une trame narrative cinématographique
  • Mécaniques de Flashback et de Poison/Adrénaline
  • Nouvelle catégorie d'équipement: Les stimulants
  • Une aventure complète dans la ville de Los Angeles
  • Des tables aléatoires pour aider le maître de jeu
  • Une feuille de personnage 
  • Idéal pour 2-3 joueurs (incluant maître de jeu)


Crank It Up! is my submission for the 2022 This Is Breathless Jam by Fari RPGs

Crank It Up! is a TTRPG inspired by the 2006 movie Crank featuring Jason Statham. You have been poisoned and to stay alive, you have to keep your adrenaline level as high as possible to prevent the poison from spreading in your body and ultimately, kill you.


  • Color, 9 pages
  • A cinematic narrative
  • New game mechanics: Flashbacks and Poison/Adrenaline
  • New equipment category: Stimulants
  • A complete adventure in Los Angeles
  • Random tables to help game masters
  • Character sheet
  • Perfect for 2-3 players (including game master)

Also included with your purchase, Crank It Up! - Characters Folio.


  • Color, 7 pages.
  • 6 characters from Crank It Up! adventure module.
  • 2 optional love interests for the player characters.
  • The Toxic Wolves, an indie rock band.
  • The Hatchet Gang, a criminal gang from Chinatown.
  • Full physical and psychological description for each entry.
  • Equipment and Modus Operandi for each character.
  • Expands on the adventure module to help game masters.
  • Free with the purchase of Crank It Up!

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    CategoryPhysical game
    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    AuthorTiki Games
    TagsGame Jam, thisisbreathless, tikigames, Tabletop role-playing game
    Average sessionA few hours
    LanguagesEnglish, French


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    This game is honestly fantastic, it's a great example of evolving the Breathless system in a way that feels natural, while still being it's own unique thing. The text is a very fun read, with lots of flavor thrown in to keep things from getting dull, and I feel like I wanna track Diaz down and make him pay already. Seriously, fantastic  example of Breathless at its finest!

    Wow thanks for the comments! My goal was to hack This Is Breathless! while keeping the whole thing feeling organic, natural. I guess it's objective complete!

    Up next: A character journal and maybe some more optional rules!

    From the first couple of snippets of the game I saw, I knew that Crank It Up! would be incredible. Patrick went all in to inject has much tension as he could inside this game, making it a perfect RPG adaptation of the movie Crank. The writing is spectacular, and the theme perfectly on point with what Breathless can accomplish as a system. After reading this game, you instantly know what a rush it must be to play it, and I can't wait to actually give it a go with my group.

    It's tense enough to give you a stroke! Ha ha ha! Thanks René-Pier! That's very kind of you! Please send feedbacks when you try this with your group!

    Probablement l'une des thématiques les mieux adaptées au système Breathless! Peut-être encore plus stressant que des zombis! Ça a l'air très stimulant, sans faire de mauvais jeu de mots haha!

    Wow merci Kaiser Omnik! C'est en effet ce que je crois aussi! J'espère que tu auras bien du plaisir avec Crank It Up!

    Crank it up! is a blast to play, and perfectly encapsulates the high-octane ridiculous over the top world of Crank. This is great way to spend a few hours with friends, constantly trying to out do eachother.

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    Thank you so much Groov! This is exactly where I wanted to bring Crank It Up!